Satellite Meeting on Polarimetry Measurements

Scope of the meeting
The polarization of an electromagnetic wave gives important information on the structure of the matter, scope of the meeting is to discuss the capability of the measurements , the physical models, the instruments and methods used in the polarimetric systems, in order to exchange information and to suggest new approaches.

To cover the various fields of application, it would be useful to have at least 6 or 7 talks: two talks regarding plasma measurements, two of astrophysical measurements, and two of particle physics, and one on physics of matter. We can consider to choice a talk from the submitted abstracts. A couple of “tutorial” slides at the beginning of each talk are suggested.

The satellite meeting will start around 14.30 at INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Aula Touschek.
No extra fee is required to attend the meeting, but the specific registration to the meeting is strongly suggested.
Starting at 14.00 of November 24th, a reception desk will be open for the ICFDT registration.
The lunch at the ENEA canteen is given free to the partecipant if requested in advance.
At an extra cost of about 30euros/person, a "tasting dinner" ("degustazione") is proposed at the “Enoteca San Marco *” an old winery farm where you can taste a local wine and buffet, advance booking is required.
* Enoteca S.Marco in Vermicino.


Preliminary Program

- X Rays polarimetry in High Energy Astrophysics (R.Bellazzini, INFN)
- Polarimetry for Cosmological studies (P.De Bernardis, Uni. “La Sapienza” Roma)

Plasma Physics
- Models for JET Polarimeter Data, effects of Faraday constraints on the equilibrium reconstruction (F.P.Orsitto, ENEA)

Particle Physics
- Precision Polarimetric techniques to measure gas and vacuum magnetic birefringence (G.Cantatore, INFN)

Physics of Matter
- Optical Polarimeter for Spattering Measures (M.Ortolani, CNR- IFM)


Registration to conference and satellite meeting now closed